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    About Roofplan

    Professional Roofing Over 30 Years

    Quality Materials

    Metal roofing supplier. We use only high quality German metal. Thickness: 0,55mm (23gauge) of pure metal. Zinc quantity: 275 mg. Lifetime warranty

    Expert Engineer

    We are professionals in the Roofing and Fixing business, this is why we always stay up to date on the latest technologies and equipment.

    Quality Maintanance

    One of the benefits of installing a metal roof on a structure is the low maintenance required to ensure a long life for the roof.



    About Carlson

    Roofing Over 30

    Installing a metal roof will also give you peace of mind when a storm is coming. Metal roofs are proven to protect your home from extreme weather. They also are beneficial in increasing energy efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Another key benefit of metal roofing and wall panels is that they positively impact building performance by providing longevity, durability and sustainability.

    With over 30 years in the business you can count on Carlson Construction to provide your business with exceptional commercial roofing work, delivered on time and within your desired budget.

    Carlson Construction Metal Roofing Supplier. Manufacturing and installation. Exclusive distributor of top quality German 🇩🇪 metal tiles. +1(647)857-3728

    Quality Services

    Roofing Services

    Carlson Construction maintain the highest standards of business integrity on Global Basis by following environmental safety rules.
    We are passionate about our Works!

    Roofing Layer

    Consider a metal roof when replacing you old roof, as it can last for generations ...

    Roof Repair

    We Do Roofs. And We Do Them Really Well. Make Your Old Roof Great Again.
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    Roof Renovation

    Design. Engineering. Fabrication. Installation. Maintenance. Our expertise at your service.

    Damage Roofing

    Metal roofs are highly resistant to hail damage.


    Impressive Words from Clients

    Our mission is to become the solution to all of our customer’s roofing needs by providing the highest quality metal.

    How It’s Work

    Our Working Process


    Get Consultation

    Our input ensures that your roof doesn’t just look great, but is also structurally sound and within your ideal budget.


    Install New Roof

    Since we’re dealing in large sheets of metal and not individual tiles, metal roofing installation tends to be significantly faster than other materials.


    Relax & Enjoy Roofing

    We provide extremely durable roofs, guaranteed to last for over 50 years.

    Asked Question

    Asked Questions

    Our mission is to become the solution to all of our customer’s roofing needs by providing the highest quality metal roofing services.

    • Q. How long do metal roofs really last?

      The average metal roof will last between 40-70 years.

    • Q. Is Metal Roofing an Eco-Friendly?

      Yes, metal roofing is a very eco-friendly option for many reasons: It is recyclable after use (and sometimes made with recycled materials). It’s long lasting, which reduces waste. It’s energy efficient and insulates your home, which reduces energy usage and costs.

    • Q. What Color Options are Available?

      Metal roofing materials come in various color options. The material can also be painted any color you choose, so long as you use a high-quality exterior paint.

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